Урок английского на развитие навыков чтения и расширению словарного запаса для студентов уровня B2-C2! В этом уроке читаем аутентичную статью “Could Your Life Story Use an Update? Here’s How to Do It” про возможность обновить жизненную историю и поменять жизнь к лучшему.

На уроке вы изучите новые слова, проверите понимание текста с помощью вопросов на понимание и сможете обсудить статью в комментариях или с преподавателем, ответив на предлагаемые вопросы. Приступим!


Exercise 1:


Exercise 2:


Step #2. READING

Exercise 1: Read the text – Could your life story use an update? Here’s how to do it

Exercise 2: Choose the correct answers:



Discuss the questions:

  1. How do you think updating one’s life story can impact their overall well-being and sense of self? Do you believe it is important for individuals to regularly reassess and update their narratives?
  2. The article suggests reframing negative experiences as a way to update one’s life story. In your opinion, can any experience be reframed positively, or are there limits to this approach? Are there potential risks associated with solely focusing on the positive aspects of one’s past?
  3. The idea of communicating one’s updated life story to others is highlighted in the article. Do you think it is necessary or beneficial to share our revised narratives with others? How might this influence our relationships and interactions with different social circles?
  4. Empathy is mentioned as a key factor in updating one’s life story. From your perspective, how does developing empathy towards oneself and others contribute to a more authentic and meaningful narrative? Can you think of any potential challenges or limitations that may arise when applying empathy in this context?
  5. The article presents various strategies for updating one’s life story, such as analyzing past experiences and finding meaning in them. In your opinion, which strategy do you find most effective or intriguing? Are there any alternative approaches you would suggest for individuals looking to reshape their life narratives?


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