В статье «How to use design thinking to create a happier life for yourself» речь пойдет о том, как использовать современную концепцию дизайн-мышления для улучшения качества собственной жизни.

В ходе урока мы будем изучать основные идеи статьи и расширять наш словарный запас с помощью новых слов и фраз, встречающихся в тексте. На уроке вы изучите новую лексику, проверите понимание текста с помощью вопросов и сможете обсудить статью в комментариях или с преподавателем, ответив на предлагаемые вопросы. Приступим!


Exercise 1:


Exercise 2:


Step #2. READING

Exercise 1: Read the text — How to use design thinking to create a happier life for yourself

Exercise 2: Choose the correct answers:



Discuss the questions. Or choose one question and write your answers in the comments section below:

1. According to the article, what is design thinking, and how can it be applied to create a happier life for yourself

2. What are some key principles or steps of design thinking mentioned in the article that can help in personal life design?

3. Have you ever used design thinking principles to approach challenges or decisions in your own life? If so, can you share an example and discuss the outcomes?

4. The article suggests that reframing problems and seeking multiple perspectives can lead to innovative solutions. How can we apply this mindset in our personal lives to overcome obstacles or find new opportunities?

5. How does empathy play a role in design thinking and its application to personal life design? Can you think of any instances where practicing empathy has positively influenced your own well-being or relationships?

6. The article mentions the importance of prototyping and experimentation in design thinking. How can we incorporate this mindset into our personal lives to try out new experiences or test different approaches?

7. How can the concept of iteration and continuous improvement, often associated with design thinking, be applied to personal growth and self-development?

8. The article emphasizes the value of curiosity and exploration in design thinking. How can we cultivate these qualities to foster a happier and more fulfilling life?

9. The author suggests that design thinking can help us identify our own values and align our actions accordingly. How can we use design thinking principles to ensure our daily choices and activities are in line with our personal values?

10. Reflecting on the article, are there any specific design thinking strategies or techniques that you find particularly interesting or relevant to your own life? How do you envision implementing them?


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